The Benefits Of Healthy Dog Treats

Positive reinforcement training means rewarding your dog for doing the right thing, and that usually means something tasty served up with a generous portion of praise. Indeed, when you’re training a dog, you’re not going to get very far without treats. You can also use treats to distract a puppy from destroying your leather shoes or your favorite chair. Some treats can even give your canine companion mental stimulation and entertainment when you have to leave him home alone for long periods. And if all that weren’t enough, treats can even help you keep your dog's pearly whites shining bright. Just like in humans, plaque and bacteria in your dog's mouth can turn to tartar, which can lead to painful,...

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9 Household Dangers for Dogs To Avoid So They Don't Get Sick!

  Your dog is part of your family. That’s why inadvertently causing your fuzzy family members harm because you weren’t aware of a common household danger would be unthinkable. Knowing there’s a problem is half the battle, then taking steps to eliminate the problem is the rest. Because it turns out the chances are pretty high that you have items in your kitchen or your backyard that are toxic or potentially dangerous to dogs. There’s good news, though: If you know what to look for, you can protect your four-legged friends. Danger-proof your home by identifying the dangers, then either eliminating them or ensuring they’re out-of-reach to curious little paws. Then you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve been the...

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