Can Puppies Have Bully Stick Dog Chews?

Bully sticks keep puppies busy with safe and appropriate chewing. While we always recommend you supervise your dog as she chews any toy or treat, a bully stick can keep her busy and satiate her need to work out her jaw, clean her teeth, or lessen teething pain.

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Different Dog Chews and Why Your Dog Needs Them All

All dogs need a variety of chews to meet different needs. It might look to us like chewing is chewing but, to our dogs, chewing stimulates their mind, requires problem solving, gives their jaw and neck muscles a solid workout, and keeps their teeth and gums clean.

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Small Spaces, Sustainable Living and Your Dog

When I started writing about pets more than a decade ago, I lived with my husband and our two dogs--an 80-pound shepherd and a 60-pound pit bull mix--in a 770-square-foot condo. We stepped on each other’s toes, but it was perfect for us at that time in our lives. Fast forward several years, and we added...

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