Small Spaces, Sustainable Living and Your Dog

When I started writing about pets more than a decade ago, I lived with my husband and our two dogs--an 80-pound shepherd and a 60-pound pit bull mix--in a 770-square-foot condo. We stepped on each other’s toes, but it was perfect for us at that time in our lives. Fast forward several years, and we added...

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The Problem with Dog Poop

Dog poop contributes to an enormous environmental problem. It’s such a big problem partly because the scope is so significantly underestimated by most people. In fact, most pet owners probably don’t even consider how their dog’s daily bathroom habits impact the global ecosystem, but it sure does, and in some big ways.

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Instagram Dogs Who Love the Environment

Instagram is bursting with eco-inspo: whether it’s a pet product company producing environmentally-friendly goods, an outdoor lifestyle account, or an eco warrior who loves dogs. These six accounts showcase dogs who love the environment. Each one is sure to give you a daily dose of awe and aww!

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