How are Honey I’m Home products different from other healthy dog treats?

Honey I’m Home dog treats are made with simple, easy to read ingredients such as buffalo and honey. That’s it! We don’t add artificial ingredients or fillers to ensure that your pet gets treats made with quality ingredients.

Are Honey I’m Home products safe for dogs with beef and poultry sensitivities?

Absolutely.  All of our products are made with Buffalo, making it suitable for dogs with poultry and beef allergies. 

Is Honey I’m Home made out of American Bison?

No, it is made out of 100% Water Buffalo from India which has an abundant Water Buffalo population (over 100 million Buffalos). Water Buffalo has similar nutritional value to American bison.

Where does your honey come from?

Our honey is sourced from Germany. Germany is the birthplace of a specialized method of beekeeping called, Heath Beekeeping which dates back to the 19th century.  Although it isn't a widely used practice today, German's have spent hundreds of years studying the art of honey making so they certainly know the business of the bees and the golden goo they produce.  

Where is your food manufactured?

Our Buffalo is manufactured by food safety certified facilities in India. The buffalo comes from 100% ethically sourced and responsibly raised water buffalo from India. These buffalo are 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised from birth which means they are 100% grain free.  No use of growth promoters or hormones are ever used.   

What practices do you use to ensure the quality of your treats?

We take quality and safety seriously here at Honey I’m Home. Our manufacturing facilities follow strict food safety guidelines. In addition, Honey I’m Home has a rigorous testing program for both ingredients and finished treats to ensure that our products are pet-friendly.

Do you do any animal testing?

Honey I’m Home does not do any invasive animal testing. Our company was founded on the basis of providing the best possible nutrition for dogs and cats, and we treat our pets like family members. We do conduct trials in which our products are fed to pets, but only under conditions that are healthy and comfortable for the animals. 

How long do Buffalo Range treats stay fresh after opening?

Check the best by date on the bottom of the package The format looks like Best Before: MM/DD/YY. This date is 18 months after the date of production. For optimal freshness, always reseal the zipper seal on the bag after opening.

Why are the treats different colors?

Since Honey I’m Home treats are natural, slight color variation is normal. Honey I’m Home treats don’t contain artificial dyes or colors of any kind.

Do you offer coupons?

Yes, on occasion we will email our customers with discounts so be on the lookout for future savings.

Do you have samples available?

We do not have samples available. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes with any purchase of a Honey I’m Home product. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return the unused portion to get a full refund. 

What treat size is best for my dog?

Always choose a treat size that is slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. It is important that the chew be large enough to ensure that your dog cannot easily chew off and swallow a large piece or the whole chew. Always supervise your pet chewing on rawhide treats.

How many treats can I give my dog?

Honey I'm Home products are intended to be a treat or reward and not as a meal replacement. Depending on the size of your dog and which treat you are feeding, we recommended to limit your dog's consumption to 1-2 treats per day.



Shipping Policy
Shipments are made via USPS Deliveries are usually completed within 2-5 days from time of order, but varies based on location.  An e-mail confirmation will be sent when your order is shipped, including a shipment tracking number.

Return Policy
Our return policy is simple: if you or your pet doesn’t like it, return it!  We operate based on a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, your item(s) may be returned for a full refund or exchange.  Tax and/or postage are not refundable.

When returning or exchanging merchandise, please include the name on the order, order number, mailing address, email and a brief explanation of what happened with your treat(s). Your refund or exchange will be processed within 5 - 7 business days from the day we receive your item back in our warehouse.

Please send returns to the below:
Honey I’m Home Returns
15001 Meridian Parkway, Suite A
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Payment Policy
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