How Would Your Dog Decorate Your House?

How Would Your Dog Decorate Your House?

Announcing the latest home-decorating craze: homes designed by dogs! The newest offering on reality-home-decorating television showcases family dogs choosing furniture and finishes for their house!

OK, OK, not really. (Although, that’s a show we’d definitely watch!)

But, just imagine how your dog would decorate your home if given the chance. We have some ideas of what our dogs would do:

Curated Color Palette 

Despite the myth that dogs only see black and white, they actually see a range of gray, blue and yellow. Other colors pose a challenge for dogs. Red, for instance, is thought to be seen as a super-dark gray verging on black. A bright red rug might make it difficult for your dog to locate his toys--especially if they’re red or orange--or his dog bed. So, your dog would likely choose a muted palette of calming shades in blue and yellow with gray accents rather than vibrant jewel tones or rich boho hues. Think nature-inspired.

Creature Comforts

Does your dog want a cooling mat or a fluffy bed for nesting? Or, does your dog want free reign to the sofa and bed? Your home-decorating pup just wants to be with you. Most dogs, even those that don’t love a ton of physical contact, prefer to be near their people. If you toss a blanket on your living room floor for movie night, your dog would pick that blanket for lounging. If you snuggle on the sofa, your dog wants to nestle right in. Choose washable fabrics or toss a blanket or sheet over your shared space. For dogs with mobility issues, your dog’s decorating choices might include a low-slung chair for you so you can be near her on the floor or even a set of pet steps to help her get up to cuddle you in bed.

Picture This

As your dog decorates, don’t be surprised to discover bare walls, a lack of knick knacks and no decorative objects--beyond the filtered water fountain he installed in the kitchen. Instead, your dog wants windows. Our dogs spend a lot of time alone each day. Sometimes, the best entertainment can be found watching the world go by from large picture windows. If installing a bay window with built-in window seat falls outside of your dog’s decorating budget, he’d take a chair pushed up against a front window. Squirrels, passersby, the wind… it’s all entertaining to a pup who’s home alone for a large part of the day. 

A Scent-Free Zone

As your dog decorates your house, you’ll notice his lack of attention to any scents. While you make decisions like which soy wax candles go in which room, or which room spray suits your upstairs bathroom, or even which scent of hand soap you should place next to your sink, your dog wants none of it! In fact, your dog’s nose is so powerful--40 times greater than ours--that the conglomeration of scents in the average home can be overwhelming and stressful. As your dog decorates, he’ll probably focus on clean, fresh air that comes in through open windows.

Finishing Touches

Obviously, your dog would install a self-serve treat bar. Home entertainment options will vary by breed, of course. Your Lab will likely want an indoor pool so she can swim year round. Your terriers would like a selection of stuffed puzzle toys. For your retriever, an automatic ball launcher full of tennis balls every morning.

Ultimately, you and your dog want a lot of the same things in your home. Your dog’s senses are just tuned differently, so making small tweaks--whether by your design or hers--like access to enrichment and eliminating too many scents, will turn your house into a home.