Honey I’m Home was started because we understood that health and happiness are key factors for everyone including our four-legged family members.

We are committed to producing only the best nutritional products for dogs and we will never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. We firmly believe that nature knows best, so we reject genetic modification and hormones in all our products. We only source grass-fed, free range Buffalo to produce lean, healthy treats, as we believe doing so shows respect for the welfare of the animal and a commitment to the health and happiness of the dogs we serve.

Core Values


We value the health, happiness and tenacious personalities of dogs everywhere. We will always hold them in high regard for the joy only a dog is able to bring to a human family.


We support efficient and sustainable methods of farming and manufacturing of our products. We respect the environment and will always seek to minimize our impact upon it.


We will always support the welfare of honey bees as they are the most important species in the food chain. Just one pound of honey is the result of 50,000 miles of flying to pollinate 2 million flowers. We salute them!

Safety Standards

Honey I’m Home products meet or exceed applicable regulations and safety standards.

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Manufacturing Certifications