Honey I’m Home was founded on the belief that strong and sweet could live together in the perfect dog treat. We set out on an adventure to source ingredients and develop practices that serve dogs, humans, communities, and even whole ecosystems, one delicious bite at a time.

We traveled to India to meet the water buffalo we use in our treats. When we found them roaming the streets, we changed our notion of “free range” forever, and for the better. We met the families who care for those buffalo, and found generations of farmers building communities around sustainable animal husbandry.

We learned the truth behind common industry terms. We know what it means to be truly grass-fed, free range, and sustainable — and we know what it really takes to make a spoonful of honey.

Our travel, research, and passion culminated in the formation of Honey I’m Home in 2017, where we strive to bring pet owners all over the world dog treats that leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth.



If health equals happiness and dogs equal happiness, what happens if you combine the two?

Honey I'm Home was started by a group of friends who asked this exact question.  After spending months trying to find the right treats they saw a gap in the industry when they were left with minimal options.

While several brands claimed to be healthy, their ingredients list was long and often had artificial flavoring, preservative and fillers. They decided the only way to ensure they had the best product available was to start their own company and in the summer of 2017 Honey I'm Home was formed.

In the end they realized that by combining two passions, health and dogs, it led to one larger passion: Ultimate happiness, especially for their four-legged, furry friends!