yellow and blue back of (approx 7.5 oz) pkg: with ingredients, feed guide and product details
two honey coated buffalo trachea tubes, bright blue background. two little black bees, bottom right


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These natural buffalo Trachea Tube Chews are both enticing and delicious. The crunchy texture and grooves help scrape away tartar and plaque to help clean your dog's teeth!

We only use simple, easy to read ingredients like Water Buffalo and Honey. You can be confident that your dog is only getting what it needs from the best dog chew possible.


  • Water Buffalo trachea, honey,
  • natural honey flavor,
  • potato starch, citric acid

SIZE: 7.05 Ounces, 5 pcs

Coated in sweet honey, our treats and chews are what dog dreams are made of.


The perfect treat for your sweet and

chews to save shoes!

Made of the highest quality ingredients, in accordance with international animal welfare standards, we use only human-grade water buffalo out of India that are 100% grass fed, free range, grain free and are humanely raised without the use of added antibiotics or hormones. Each treat and chew is then coated in sustainably-harvested honey for a product that is as sweet to the taste as it is strong in sustainability.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Carol O.
My Girl Loves These Tracheas

My Doberman expects her Honey I’m Home trachea every morning after her breakfast. She absolutely loves these, and I’m so happy I can give her something so natural and good for her.

Hi Carol! We are so thrilled to hear that your Doberman is loving our Honey I'm Home trachea tubes. It brings us joy to know that we can provide a natural and healthy treat for your furry friend. Thank you for your support and for choosing our product. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. Have a pawsome day!


I cant tell if my dog loves it so much that she decides to take it everywhere. She even leans her head on it when she goes to sleep. Or if she hates it and is being polite as to not hurt my feelings.

Tiffany & Prince
A big hit!

My boy loves these tracheas and they're perfect enrichment treats!

Hi Tiffany,

Thank you for the wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that our tracheas are a big hit with your boy and serve as perfect enrichment treats. It's always a pleasure to bring joy to our furry friends. If there's anything else we can do for you and your pup, feel free to reach out.

Tiffany Flores
Perfect Enrichment Chews!

I am a big fan of trachea chews but my dog especially loves these! To make them last longer, I like to stuff them with his meals and freeze them. They make the perfect enrichment chew!

Hello Tiffany,

Thank you for the wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that your dog loves our trachea chews and that you've found a creative way to make them last longer by stuffing and freezing them. It's fantastic to know they make the perfect enrichment chew for your furry friend. If there's anything else we can do for you and your pup, feel free to reach out.

One Happy Dog!

These are one of Larry's favorite chews. He absolutely loves the crunchiness of them and it takes him several meats to eat one which is an added bonus. Thank you for all the wonderful treats and chews!

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing the joy with us! We're delighted to hear that Larry is a fan of our chews, especially enjoying the delightful crunchiness. It's fantastic that they provide lasting enjoyment for him. Your appreciation means the world to us, and we're grateful to have Larry as a happy customer. If there's anything else we can do for you both, feel free to reach out. Here's to many more delightful treats and wagging tails!