Welcome home! Military Home Comings from Pets

Welcome home! Military Home Comings from Pets

The men and women who serve in the military sacrifice a lot to perform their duties. Their families sacrifice, too, with their time and with the risk of losing a loved one. So often, though, the family pet’s role is overlooked in deployments because they’re the silent partner in the deal. However, thanks to the ease of posting online and the fun of viral homecoming videos, pets welcoming their service members home have become a feel-good staple on Instagram and YouTube.

Grab a box of tissues (seriously, a whole box) and settle in to these heartwarming reunions.

Dad’s Home!

A joyful reunion after seven months apart. Check out the pup’s double take in the video: hilarious and insanely sweet!




The Cat’s Meow


Seriously, have you ever seen a cat this happy to see someone?! She chats him up then goes in for the #besthugever.




Jump for Joy

This big boy nearly clobbered his dad jumping in for the bear (dane?) hug. You can hear the tearful giggles of his partner as she films the video.



My Buddy

This dog blows past the human members of his family to be the first in line to greet his returning hero.



A Dog Doesn’t Forget

From the caption:
“When my husband left for deployment, our Aussie was only 4 months old and he was convinced she wouldn’t remember him when he got back. Clearly he was wrong 😂



Happy Tears

You can just hear that big, sweet floof crying as she welcomes her dad home after eight months in Iraq.




And If Those Weren’t Enough…

Check out 11 minutes of compiled YouTube videos called Dogs Welcoming Soliders Home. Equal parts funny and tearful, you’re going to need a whole second box of tissues to get through this one. BTW, they do one each year, so if you’re loving these, scroll back through the channel to see the previous years’ compilations, too! #allthefeels