The Benefits Of Healthy Dog Treats

The Benefits Of Healthy Dog Treats

Positive reinforcement training means rewarding your dog for doing the right thing, and that usually means something tasty served up with a generous portion of praise.

Indeed, when you’re training a dog, you’re not going to get very far without treats. You can also use treats to distract a puppy from destroying your leather shoes or your favorite chair.

Some treats can even give your canine companion mental stimulation and entertainment when you have to leave him home alone for long periods.

And if all that weren’t enough, treats can even help you keep your dog's pearly whites shining bright. Just like in humans, plaque and bacteria in your dog's mouth can turn to tartar, which can lead to painful, inflamed gums and even periodontal disease. Although treats aren’t a replacement for dental care and regular cleanings (especially for older dogs), long-lasting chewables like our buffalo, honey-coated bully sticks can go a long way towards keeping tartar at bay by naturally scraping teeth and gums.

But what about “everyday” treats? Are they a good idea?

Well, it depends. For one thing, you need to make sure you aren’t doling out the treats too generously—doing so could result in your dog losing interest in his regular meals. It's easy to overdo it (especially when you just can’t say “no” to those big, pleading puppy dog eyes).

Canine obesity leads to health problems, including arthritis, diabetes, and pancreatitis. So while you don’t necessarily have to count calories, be aware of how much your pup is eating every day, both in treats and his usual food.

Avoid the temptation to use human foods as treats. Cheese is a great example of human food that dogs will gladly accept, but which has too many calories to be a regular reward. You want to make sure the treats you’re giving are healthy. That’s the challenging part, because most of the big name-brand treats aren’t nutritious or they come stuffed with preservatives and chemicals so make sure you are reading all of the labels.

Since we know dogs are healthiest and thrive on a diet based on meat proteins, why not give them chews that foster their best health? Honey I'm Home treats are made from 100% grass-fed, free-range buffalo. Buffalo meat, besides having a flavor that dogs go crazy for, is low in fat and cholesterol. It even has a lower calorie content than beef and chicken. Buffalo meat is a rich source of protein, plus it has all the essential amino acids, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and niacin.

For example, Honey I'm Home Lung Bites are delicious, crunchy treats great to use when training or treating. They’re protein-packed and low in fat, made from human-grade water buffalo that’s fully digestible and safe for dogs with beef and poultry allergies. These treats are excellent for dogs who prefer a ‘crunch’ in every bite. They’re especially great for overweight dogs and those with sensitive stomachs.

At Honey I'm Home, there is a full range of treats and chews for you to choose from that will keep both you and your dog happy!