Instagram Dogs Who Love the Environment

Instagram Dogs Who Love the Environment

Instagram is bursting with eco-inspo: whether it’s a pet product company producing environmentally-friendly goods, an outdoor lifestyle account, or an eco warrior who loves dogs. 

These six accounts showcase dogs who love the environment. Each one is sure to give you a daily dose of awe and aww!

dogs that hike

You Did What With Your Wiener

Tagline: Small dogs hike too! These hiking daschunds will inspire you to tackle any mountain because if their little legs can do it, yours can, too. Check out the Stewardship story highlight to learn more about their connection to the environment.


The Green Hub

Eco-activist Kira Simpson runs this account, which covers sustainable living, eco-friendly brands, and tips for kinder living. Her dog Charlie makes frequent, adorable appearances. Charlie’s happy tongue-out smile shows she’s living the good life with her environmental-warrior parents.


Mika the Mini Aussie

Trust us: Go visit this account immediately. The stunning photography will give you all the feels. The dogs are precious, of course, and the scenery is breathtaking. A quick scroll through this feed delivers a serious dose of respect for Mother Nature.

National Park Paws

A curated assortment of dogs--and the occasional adventurous cat--who enjoy visiting national parks. While it’s not an official National Park Service page, the page advocates for enjoying nationally-protected lands in an environmentally-responsible way. You’ll definitely come up with tons of eco-friendly vacation plans scrolling this one.

Happy dog outside


The Northwest Dog

This account centers on dog-approved outdoor living in the PNW. But, the pics of their pack walks will make you wish you lived nearby and could join in their fun. It’s clear these dogs love being outside, and photos sprinkled through the feed show the love and bond between adventuring dogs and their humans. 

dog playing in the water

Cycle Dog

This pet brand features a whole lotta eco-loving dogs sporting their innovative green products. All products are made from upcycled materials, and the page features a curated assortment of dogs sporting their products.