Honey I’m Home!, maker of honey-coated, human-grade buffalo dog treats and chews, took to Instagram in August to advocate for one of the company’s priority causes: preserving and supporting honeybees.

The company worked with influencers who are trusted advisors about pet wellbeing and a sustainable lifestyle. Between August 13 and 17, more than 700,000 instagram users were reached and educated about the health benefits of incorporating honey into a dog’s diet, as well as simple ways they can personally help honeybees thrive in our changing world. The posts received more than 43,000 engagements including likes, comments and video views.

“We focus on dog health and sustainability, both of which have active communities on social media,” said Lisa Momberger, CEO of Honey I’m Home! “We wanted to tap into those communities to share information about the health benefits of honey for dogs, while also raising awareness about the critical issue of honeybee protection and offering concrete ways to help.”

Leading up to and on August 17, Honeybee Awareness Day, influencers posted pictures of their pups in honeybee bandanas and headbands alongside facts about honeybees and the need to support these creatures that are essential to pollination and, therefore, human food security and survival. They highlighted specific actions their followers and engagers could take to do their part to protect honeybees, including:

  • Plant a bee garden
  • Create a habitat corridor with nectar-rich plants, such as wildflowers
  • Work with local government to limit development
  • Limit pesticide chemicals (especially those in the neonicotinoid family that are so harmful to the honeybee population),
  • Starting a beehive or sponsor a hive through The Honeybee Conservancy

Influencers also included messages about honey’s benefits for dogs. The messages highlighted that the right amount of honey, such as that found in the company’s honey-coated treats and chews, is not only safe for dogs, but beneficial because of honey’s antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, its ability to reduce inflammation, its soothing qualities for the throat, and its role in reducing allergies.

“We have tremendous gratitude and appreciation for everything it takes to bring healthy food to not only the human population, but our dog population too,” said Momberger. “We are invested in caring for the entire ecosystem, from the herders that raise the buffalo we use to the honeybees and beekeepers that make the honey for our treats. It all matters to us.”

About Honey I’m Home! ®

Honey I’m Home! was founded in 2017 on the belief that strong and sweet could live together in the perfect dog treat. The company set out to source ingredients and develop practices that serve dogs, humans, communities and whole ecosystems, one delicious bite at a time. The company strives to bring pet owners all over the world dog treats that leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth. For more information, visit www.honeyimhome.com