Back-to-School Sustainable Products Your Dog Needs

Back-to-School Sustainable Products Your Dog Needs

School’s in session!

Back-to-school season can wreak havoc on family schedules: early mornings, back-to-school nights, homework. For our dogs, they’re often thrust back into long days alone that can feel, well, lonely. While a new toy or some delicious treats can’t bring the kids home for the day, a few goodies to spoil your pup can go a long way toward alleviating some of that separation strain.

One quick aside: If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, which goes far beyond sadness or loneliness, check in with your vet. Sometimes a massive shift in the family routine can kick a dog’s anxiety into overdrive, and your vet can give you strategies to help your pup cope.

Otherwise, read on for the back-to-school sustainable pet products your dog needs for this season:

P.L.A.Y. Back-to-School Plush Toys

Get literal with the theme! These plush toys are stuffed with eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler, which is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. A set of beakers, a calculator, a football, a paint palette… this collection has something for every pup. Or, you can create a bundle to save money on multiples.

earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Foam

With the return to school comes the return of fall--and chilly, muddy, sometimes dreary weather. Made with renewable plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers and organic, fair-trade shea butter, this waterless formula helps get your dog squeaky clean without the battle in the bathtub. Rub it on, then towel it off. It helps de-shed your dog, too, because who has time to sweep when there’s practice and rehearsal and homework to get to?

West Paw Strolls Collar

The perfect first-day look, the Strolls line of collars comes in four colors and two sizes. What makes these so sustainable? They’re made from hemp. Here’s what the brand has to say about the fiber choice: “The earth loves it because it grows on half the water that wheat does (farmers love it because it yields four times the income). We love it because it resists bacteria and odors, holds up in style for ages, and is always non-toxic and safe.” Pick up the complementary leash to complete the look. 

Ruffwear Restcycle Dog Bed

Restcycle™ Bed

Snuggle up in comfort without impacting the planet. Ruffwear’s unique fill is made from a special foam that is repurposed manufacturing waste. Plus, it’s waterproof and retains its shape if your dog is a nester or a digger. The bed covers are also made of recycled material and are machine washable. Perfect for your pup to rest and recharge when late-night cram sessions and early bus schedules cut in on his regular sleep schedule.

Jax and Bones Knot Rope Toy

One of the best ways to beat the back-to-school blues for your pup is to add in a few extra minutes of mindful playtime each day. Family members can take turns, but even a five-minute tug session makes a world of difference for your dog’s happiness level. Bonus: It’ll help you and your kiddos destress from the day, too. This knot rope toy allows safe handling; your dog tugs from the ball while you hold the handle. They’re hand dyed with non-toxic vegetable dyes and give back. Ten percent of the proceeds go to animal rescue. Win-win!

No matter which sustainable pet products you choose, a little extra snuggle or play time helps your dog--and you--adjust to the new routine of back-to-school. Your kids will benefit from the stress-busting power of playing with the family dog, and you’ll feel happier and calmer patting your pup, too.